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An Online Novel on Indian History of Zero Invention.

January 4, 2008
Online Novel Eng/Hin/Mar Suspense thriller
Zero – The Free Online Suspense thriller Novel in English Hindi & Marathi
A novel named ‘Shunya’ (Zero) written by Sunil Doiphode, a Writer, basically a DRDO software Scientist, is being published in the episode/chapter form on a blog in three languages i,e English, Hindi and Marathi simultaneously. English- Hindi- Marathi- The Novel is already published in Marathi by Shivam Prakashan Pune (June 2007). The roots of invention of Zero lie in the Indian History in Vedic Era. The earliest undoubted occurrence of a zero in India is an inscription at Gwalior, dated Samvat 933 (876 AD), where 50 garlands are mentioned. 270 is written as the current day 270 in Hindi. Brahmagupta’s is the first attempt from any mathematician to explain the arithmetic operations on natural numbers and zero.  Though other civilizations, like Babylonians used some symbol for zero as a placeholder. But those were the Indians in the history of world where the number zero is used as a place holder as well as a number independently and an abstract concept. Indians used to call that number as a ‘SHUNYA’.  ‘Shunya’ is a suspense thriller story, at the same time exploring the Indian history of zero invention, not compromising in any way its entertaining value. The novel tries to put forth the evidences from the Indian history to make the India’s claim of zero invention strong. The novel concept and story was earlier picked up by the 2 potential producers for film making but subsequently dropped due to various reasons. Therefore the author is trying this novel way to go online and get the public support to fulfill his dream and ambition of seeing the story on the screen. The blog on this novel is started from 22nd Nov. 2007 and within a short span has reached over 2500 hits.   An Author of the blog has 3 Indian language novels as a writer and one Indian song album ( by Padmashree A.R. Rehman) as a lyricist to his credit. He has  written three Hindi scripts, one Marathi script and two English scripts, which are registered with Film Writers Association, Andheri Mumbai. His forthcoming novels include  – 1)’Black Hole’ – An English novel co-authored by an English Writer Mr Ewen glass ( 2)’Madhurani’- A rural social Marathi novel.   Author – Sunil DoiphodeB.E.(Computer Science)WriterScientist CR&DE Engineers, DRDO, Ministry of Defence Pune. Email –,sun_doiphode@rediffmail.comPhone – 09423008902 (Mobile),020 27150881/2 Ext 5104 (Office)Fax     020 27150747